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Linda Miller Chief Lady designer and Owner

In the life of Linda Miller, the person and the personality play the most important element in dressing. Designers live and create to offer a way for someone to express themselves through fashion, while always keeping in mind that they are the most sacred creations of all.

Linda isn’t satisfied with average, overpriced products that offer instant elegance. In her works she pays homage to our innermost romantic being, romance, experiences and colors, to the option to choose how you want to live your life. Key elements in her collections are built on the joys of dressing and undressing, which, when done properly, reflect a certain romantic lifestyle that is filled with personal satisfaction, elegance, and self confidence.

Linda was born in Budapest, Hungary where she finished school as a fashion designer and seamstress. In her atelier she works with a small team of artisans who create each piece by hand. It all started when Linda imagined a collection that could be combined based on emotions and desires. She wanted to be able to wear silk bras with nylon panties, satin pencil skirts with bullet bras and string bikinis.

Most women put their collections together in such as way as to create something original that reflects their personalities in their choice of colors and materials. She purchased a lot of lingerie from professional collectors, back when collections were manufactured in limited editions and lingerie belonged to a finer category. This is when she started sketching her own designs….but something was missing. A muse to bring her collection to life. She came to realize that establishing a relationship with her buyers as models was the key.
Hungarian celebrity photographer Judit Marjai set the tone for the first collection, which in turn inspired Linda’s first wedding collection. At her own wedding, Linda wore a hybrid lingerie/wedding dress that she designed for herself. Her guests were astonished how she managed to stay elegant and tasteful using such an innovative in risky concept.

Linda is married, and a mother of two boys. She has five cats, and four dogs: two Kuvasz, a Komondor (traditional Hungarian dogs) and a Havanese.



Linda Miller

Divaurae Lingerie Manufacture was founded by Linda Miller in 2006 with company headquarters in Brighton, and couture manufacture workshop located in Hungary.

Linda Miller’s work is based on her understanding of the power that lingerie has on a woman’s psyche. The sheer excitement that the touch of a sumptuous silk creates, awakens your hidden instincts. You can design your own world, through your eyes, by building yourself a shrine devoted to the essence of the woman inside of you. Your lingerie collection is your first lover, your secret admirers, always against your skin, caressing and loving your curves. Whatever mood you are in, your robes and panties are there to satisfy and your needs. You are their queen. And when you see yourself as that, it will reflect on to other parts of your life. With your lingerie gear on underneath your street clothes, your will know the power of your femininity, and you will carry yourself accordingly. Just as beauty is reflected from the inside, the style of carrying yourself like a goddess starts at your skin… with your lingerie.

The lifestyle that is brought to mind by 70’s Italian Dolce Vita mentality is mirrored in the ethereal look of Divaurae, combined with elements from the golden age of Brit pop, as well as French lingerie looks from the late 70’s. From Victorian inspirations to the pin-up nylon collections of the atomic age, Linda Miller’s work encompasses the essence of the lingerie culture throughout the eras.

Linda Miller’s designs are artistically elegant, full of rich detail, signature elements, and made with fabrics of the highest quality exclusively. All silk materials are procured from leading fashion houses in Italy, as are the laces from the finest manufacturers in France. All of Linda’s designs are created in the quality and mentality of couture, with historically accurate designs that are manufactured with authentic techniques.

The moods of the different collections were mainly influenced by the personalities and lifestyles of the models who became the faces of Divaurae. They each introduce the collection that was designed especially for them. This is how the Linda Miller Superior Collection was born, which is a collection aimed at alpha females. The Chief Lady collection features fetish oriented satin and silk blouses, garter belts, bullet bras, and basque panties.

Linda’s experience based on years of feedback is that according to men, an outward elegant appearance isn’t everything. You may be wearing a fabulous dress, and you paid attention to all your details and accessories, but what they are really wondering about is what you have underneath. Have you given your undergarments just as much attention? If the answer is no, they will feel disappointed in you.

Refined men are just as much lovers of briefs and panties as the ladies. They also have a desire for elegant, quality undergarment choices. Leisure pants and shirts that are made of light silk are just as much part of their wardrobe collection as suits or watches. Dressing and undressing is an art-form that they practice religiously. Some of her collections can be worn by couples as wells, since the Mensoul series are a part of the ladies’ collections, and can be ordered in a matching palette, and can be mixed and matched, in silk, satin, or nylon.

Divaurae is the first original luxury lingerie manufacturer that offers the same collections to both men and women. Our goal is to offer men the self-assurance to prove that machoness and silk can co-exist, and that they deserve to be pampered just as much as women do.