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Céline SENSUALITÉ – Coming Soon!

Divaurae Custom Lingerie is a British luxury lingerie brand by Linda Miller owner and designer. The brand offers a wide selection of undergarments, loungewear, and sleepwear, as well as accessories, inspired by vintage luxury intimate wear.

The star of Linda’s new collection is Celiné Andrea, Parisian model and photographer. Her own vast lingerie and stockings collections make her a queen of lingerie, whose heels have been created by the finest Parisian designers.

What makes her special is that she is not only the model but also her own photographer, who created all images herself.

The romantic collection was created in the style of the 70’s and 80’s. We incorporated fine laces and transparent stretchy laces, combined with silk to bring to life the collections of Celiné Sensualité and Noire.

The idea was to create flirty and elegant collections suitable for special moments and formal wear. Two different collections emerged, one for formal wear, and one for more casual loungewear.

Céline NOIRE – Coming Soon!

The Noire collection is made with a floral lace, combined with a modern bralette, while the formal luxury collection is called Celiné Sensualité, named after our fabulous model. The triangle bra is made with a stretchy transparent lace, with satin closures. The full classic panties and the garters follow vintage lines and incorporate metallic closures.