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The Divaurae name is an intellectual product and patent trademark. Every design and collection is under patent protection and protected by law.
The Divaurae is a unique lingerie which is radiation of women’s sensuality, which make the soul’s fineness visible. Soft as breath. Irresistible as torturing love. The flow of silk like a fragrance which mesmerise, caress as hot wind. The first touch’s unforgettable power. We made the Divaurae’s unique lingeries for Divas. All of our products are personalised. Unique as your radiate, your blandishments secret message. Jewel of your body as gem your collection alluring crown.

Every one loves the rare find. At Linda Miller, you will find the Divaurae Custom Lingerie chief lady’s lingerie boudoir collections.
Because with such sophistication and quality, you won’t find any where else.

Our garments are beautiful, unique and full of personality. Whether it’s the intricate way we lay the lace, the unexpected embroidery, the fabulous prints, or a special cut to the fabric to make it drape beautifully on your body, we are passionate about our designs and believe you will welcome it. We know you have excellent taste and a confident sense of style. After all, you’re here.

The finest material and quality workmanship. Because we want everything to feel as good as it looks, we use luxurious silk.
We scour the globe for the right partners; ones that care about quality, have excellent tailoring skills, ones that will work to our – and your – high expectations. This results in the softest feeling fabric, an exceptional fit, a luxurious look, and a garment that lasts wash after wash.

Unique details. We pay attention to the details of design that will make a difference to you. Most of our garments are cut on the bias to fit and flatter the curves of your body. This means our garments give you room to move and lounge (we have found that lounging comfortably actually requires apparel with movement!) while looking like it is just skimming your body. All our panties have non-binding elastics so they won’t cut into your skin or give you those extra rolls you don’t need.
We listen. We listen to our partners, our suppliers, our employees, our customers, and of course, our parents. We want to hear how we can improve our product, our website, our service, our company. We learn so much more when people give us feedback. Linda Miller

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Bespoke lingerie services are available from Divaurae. You can select from existing designs that will be tailor made to your size, or you can order completely unique designs that will be made to order just for you. Bespoke garments are made in the UK and start from £200 for briefs, £330 for bras or £500 for coordinating sets.

Choose from a wide selection of French silks and laces to create the perfect lingerie of your dreams. Our bespoke undergarments are hand made in Europe with the highest quality craftsmanship. To order, please contact us by completing the form, and we will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.

To discuss our bespoke service options please contact us.

You may cancel your contract with The Divaurae Custom Lingerie Manufacture Ltd for the goods you order at any time up to the end of the seventh working day from the date you received the ordered goods. You do not need to give us any reason for cancelling your contract nor will you have to pay any penalty.
To cancel your contract you must notice us in writing or via email.
If you have received the goods before you cancel your contract then you must send the goods back to our contact address at your own cost and risk. If you cancel your contract but we have already processed the goods for delivery you must not unpack the goods when they are received by you and you must send the goods back to us at our contact address at your own cost and risk as soon as possible.
Once you have notified us that you are cancelling your contract, any sum debited to us from your credit card will be re-credited to your account as soon as possible and in any event within 30 days of your order PROVIDED THAT the goods in question are returned by you and received by us in the condition they were in when delivered to you complete. Goods should be returned unworn with all labels intact. Please note that we will not accept returns on any items that have been worn or are returned in a soiled condition.
If you do not return the goods delivered to you or do not pay the costs of delivery, we shall be entitled to deduct the direct costs of recovering the goods from the amount to be re-credited to you.
Any Goods to be returned to us in accordance with these Conditions shall not become our responsibility until we receive the Goods.

We reserve the right to cancel the contract between us if-
We have insufficient stock to deliver the goods you have ordered
We do not deliver to your area.
One or more of the goods you ordered was listed at an incorrect price due to a typo-graphical error.
An error in the pricing information received by us from our suppliers.
If we do cancel your contract we will notify you by e-mail and will re-credit to your account any sum deducted by us from your credit card as soon as possible but in any event within 30 days of your order. We will not be obliged to offer any additional compensation for disappointment suffered.

The biggest challenge in washing is washing our silk-dresses. In this article we write the solution.

First of all we need to observe with some base law about silk washing:

– Clothes wich made by silk are not allowed to wash in washing machine. Cleaning with only hands, no twisting just pushing hand moves.
– Not too hot, wash in 40-50 °C degrees water, after that rinse the clothes with cold water
– Do not use detergent which contain soda or chlorine.

Those materials which maded from pure silk, you can wash with boiled potato filtered cooking juice.

It’s also work with dry beans cooking juice.
The white silk materials also can be washed by hydrogen-peroxide, if you are not sure bring it to dry-cleaning.

At every silkworm dress washing, need to use 30 °C degree hand-warm water, in no wise to use warmer.

Only use detergent which recommended for fine textiles. Detergent which recommended to wool is good for silk too. Not allowed and don’t need to rinse. Silk is a natural material, the washing doesn’t take anything from silks beauty.

It doesn’t stretch, pilling and it doesn’t lose color.

The silk needs to be washed by hands only, except if you have silk washing program on your washing machine.

Don’t centrifuge these materials, gently push it out and let it dry by dripping.

Only allowed to iron on the lowest scale. Best to iron is a humid silk, in this case will be the most beautiful.


This (the website), owned by The Divaurae Custom Lingerie Manufacture Ltd

Goods supplied from the Website are supplied by
Divaurae Custom Lingerie Manufacture Ltd

Head office is situated at:

Hova House,
1 Hova Villas
Brighton & Hove

Company Registration Number: 11709579 England

Your submission of an order represents an offer to purchase the Goods indicated by you and it is not binding on us until we have notified you that an order is accepted. All advertisements and communications are made by us until your order is accepted by us are invitations to trade only and are not offers. This means that if Goods are shown on the site but are not available or are incorrectly priced or otherwise incorrectly described, The Divaurae Custom Lingerie Manufacture Ltd shall not be obliged to sell you those goods.

Our aim is to deliver the products within 10-12 working days of order confirmation and payment. If you need the products as soon as possible, please email us so that we can best meet your needs.

International shipping:

Recently, we are sorry to hear that several packages have been lost in transit and our customers have experienced high import and customs charges. Due to the increase in the costs of sending parcels to some countries with the courier service, we had to revise the delivery fees.

Previously, we charged these high costs to many EU and non-EU countries.

We have decided to abandon the traditional postal service for international deliveries and switch to a more reliable courier service, DHL. This means that your ordered package will arrive in the USA or Australia, New Zealand within 4-7 working days with insurance and tracking. All orders are individually priced, so please contact us to discuss your options.

That’s why in our BESPOKE and Custom Made service, after paying £400, we start your order, make it to custom sizes, and constantly compensate for the size of the order and overorders. Costs and taxes will be settled as a gift at the end of the process. Divaurae Custom Lingerie pays tax and postage as a gift with the ordered package. plan smartly and coordinate with me.

Sincerely: Linda Miller Divaurae Custom Lingerie Ltd. Founder, Couture Designer and Owner

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Divaurae men's guide, lingerie as a gift


When you buy lingerie as a gift, it’s a beautiful, sensual gift of quality, and it shows that you’ve chosen a gift that you’ll love. After all, women want to know that you put thought into your gift.

If you haven’t bought her underwear before, it can seem a little daunting. At Divaurae Custom Lingerie, our goal is to help you as much as possible, making you happy and removing any uncertainty.

Buying underwear is not brain surgery. We’ve helped hundreds of Men buy the perfect gift, and we’ve got some great tips to help you out.

Find out her size

First, you need to find her size. There are two main rules for bra sizes:

Back size: Back size is the measurement around your body under the bust, i.e. 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, etc.

Cup Size: The cup size is your actual bust size, i.e. A, B, C, D, E, F, G cup, etc.

The best way to find out what size you wear is to look in your underwear drawer for the tag on your bra. You may have different bra sizes. Either try to find the bra size you know you wear the most, or choose the majority size. Take a look at the bras in your drawer, is there a certain style of bra you wear – are all your bras padded or not? This can help you decide what style of bra to choose.

While you’re at it, check out the size and style of underpants you’re wearing. Do you mostly wear thongs, shorts or French pants? That way, you can choose the styles that you know she likes better.

If you’re still unsure of your size, we have a stunning range of silk nightgowns and babydoll sets available in less precise sizes – X-Small (UK 8), Small (UK 10), Medium (UK 12), Large (UK). 14), X Large (UK 16)

Navigation on our website

Our collection includes the finest exquisite underwear and sleepwear in silk and lace, so you can choose something truly special from our website.

Beautiful gift packaging

You don’t have to spend time wrapping your gift. If you choose “gift wrapping” at the checkout, the gift will be wrapped in our luxury gift box, wrapped in unique tissue paper, and finished with a satin ribbon bow.

Still unsure?

If you are still unsure about your lady’s size or the type of underwear you want to buy, please contact us. We are lingerie experts and we are more than happy to help you with your special purchase. Please contact us

I believe that choosing ethically should never mean sacrificing style. I created the Divaurae Custom Ligerie manufactory because I love underwear and felt, even when I was a little girl, that I wanted to create something that would enchant all women of all ages. Independent underwear that has individuality and a soul that seeks us to be complete through my elegant collections.

I always felt that there was something special and exciting that I could add to not only compete with the best luxury labels in terms of design and creativity, but also to ensure that our own production, packaging, marketing, shipping and heritage remain true to our ethical values, the best and unique with solutions that are characteristic of me, which is Divaurae Custom Lingerie.

Sustainability is considered at every stage of the business and we are always looking for ways to minimize the environmental impact of our products and promote the ethical treatment of workers in our supply chain. We have traveled Europe to source the highest quality materials at the lowest environmental costs and are still looking for replacement parts for our less sustainable parts. We are proud of the quality and ethics behind the materials we choose.


The efficiency of patterns and fabrics is taken into account at the design development stage to minimize waste. Each season we design our own embroidered tulle, not only to create wonderfully unique garments, but also to create as little waste as possible during the cutting process.


Our adjustable sizing system allows us to cater for many more sizes than fixed sizes, meaning we’re not left with hard-to-sell sizes at the end of each season. Finding the right size is child’s play for our customers, and the chances of returns or exchanges are reduced. It also allows for weight fluctuation, extending the life of the garment and further reducing the amount of unnecessary waste.


We ensure that our clothes are of the highest quality for maximum wear. If you need a Divaurae item repaired, we’re always here to help.


Peace silk, otherwise known as Ahimsa silk, is a type of natural silk produced without harming or killing silkworms. Traditional silk manufacture kills around 6,600 silkworms for one kilo of silk, whereas peace silk allows the metamorphosis of the silkworm to a beautiful moth, completing its lifecycle. This process can take 2 to 4 weeks, extending the silk production time. However, this non-violent approach is fundamental to our ethical ethos.

The peace silk we use is certified organic. Large mosquito netting is attached to protect each tree to keep the silkworms safe from harmful insects and birds while being reared outdoors. In some cases, a non-toxic Bio-spray is used.

Our supplier Project Cocccon promotes silk-weaving on handlooms, generating employment in rural India, reversing migration from big cities and offering financial independence to local women.
Currently, 70% of the spinning and weaving operation is zero-carbon, thanks to a mix of manual and solar-powered looms.

As with everything we do, the recycled satin ranges maintain our high standards of quality and durability, ensuring you can love you Divaurae Custom Lingerie for longer.


Our unique embroideries are designed in house at our Budapest manufacture


We operate a small atelier within our Brighton studio, from which our small team produce short and exclusive runs.


Our Hungarian factory has a team of highly skilled who specialise in luxury lingerie.


We make an effort to reduce and reuse plastics throughout the process, from production to delivery. For customer orders, we offer two packaging options; ‘Basic’ and ‘Luxe’.


Your garments are wrapped in recycled tissue paper and shipped in a cardboard box. This option is fully recyclable.


Your garments are placed inside a silk brocade bag, within a recycled card luxury gift box.
We ship Luxe packaging in a fully recyclable cardboard box.


We consider sustainability in the branding and marketing choices we make.


Swing tags, note cards, flyers and business cards are all made from recycled card and can be recycled.

divaurae Linda Miller

Your payment will take just a few steps:

1. PayPal is the only accepted payment method in the checkout. – No PayPal account needed! Just click on Pay by Debit or Credit Card.
2. You will be redirected to the PayPal website to proceed with the payment.
3. If you are already a PayPal customer, you can log in with your user data and confirm the payment. If you are new to PayPal, you can create a PayPal account, and then confirm the payment.

Underwear is exempt from the Consumer Contracts Regulations.

Due to the nature of our products we are unable to accepts returns. Please contact us if you have any questions, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Did you know that a mind-blowing 80% of people wear bras that don’t properly fit them? Ill-fitting underwear affects not only comfort and looks, but can also impact your wellbeing.

We know that finding a bra that fits well, looks amazing, and feels great is tricky. That’s why we’ve put together a Divaurae Custom Lingerie Size Guide with practical tips that will help you find your perfect bra.

1. Your bra has more than one job

Not only should it provide support, but also comfort and confidence. Even a simple bra should make you feel wonderful. This means the shape
and design quality matter! 90% of bra support comes from the band and only 10% from the straps. Therefore, ensuring the band is neither too loose nor too tight is integral to ensuring the best fit.

2. Not all cups are made equal

Bra sizing can be confusing! Cup sizes are relative to the circumference of the rib cage directly under your breasts. For example, a 70D bra will be much smaller in volume than a 75D bra, despite the identical cup letter.
So, if you think your breasts are small, this does not mean that the A cup is necessarily right for you. Your cup size will depend entirely upon the measurement under your breasts.

3. Size doesn’t always matter

Even if you find the right size, sometimes your chosen underwear simply will not sit well. Don’t worry – all bodies are different, and perhaps a different cup shape or style would be a better fit for you.

4. Listen to your body

As your body changes during menstruation, pregnancy or weight fluctuations, your bra size may change too. We recommend rechecking your bra fit every 6- 12 months. There’s no need to guess; finding the right bra size is easy! All you need is a mirror and soft measuring tape and voila! Say hello to perfectly fitting bras!

How to measure for your Divaurae bra:

1. Take off your bra. Using a soft measuring tape, measure the circumference of your torso directly under your bust, where a bra band would sit. The tape should be horizontal and very snug. Write this down.

2. Next, use a mirror or ask somebody to help you wrap the measuring tape somewhat loosely around the fullest part of your breasts (at nipple level). Make sure the tape is horizontal and not uneven.

3. Now, look at the Divaurae Size Chart and use the two measurements to find your bra size!

Of course, not all bra designs will suit every body type. Our Size Chart will help you determine your size, and our designers will help you find the best fit for your needs. We’ve created lingerie in a range of styles, shapes and materials to help you find the perfect piece or collection for you. If you are unsure or would like some expert advice, do not hesitate to drop us a message with your measurements and we’ll be happy to help!

We have a handy guide on how to take your measurements here.

Best regards: Linda Miller Divaurae Custom Lingerie Manufacture Owner and Designer



SIZE0 2 4 68 10 12 1416
BUST32 3334 3536 3738 3940
WAIST24 1/2 251/226 1/2 271/228 1/2 291/230 1/2 311/232 1/2
HIPS35 3637 3839 4041 4243


UNITED KINGDOM81012 1414 - 16161820
FRANCE363840 4244464848

CLASSIC (inch)

SIZE0 2 4 68 10 12 1416 18 20
BACK LENGTH27 27 1/427  1/2 27 3/428 28 1/428 1/2 28 3/42929 1/4291/2
BUST38 3940 4142 4344 1/2 4647 1/249 1/2511/2
SWEEP39 4041 4243 4445 1/2 4748 1/250 1/2521/2


NECK13 - 131/214 - 141/215 -15 1/216 -16 1/217 -17 1/218 -18 1/2
CHEST32 - 3434 - 3638 - 4042 - 4446 - 4850 - 52
WAIST28 - 3030 - 3234 - 3638 - 4042 - 4446 - 48


(Neck Measurements) 
USA (inch) 141/21515 1/21616 1/217171/218
EUROPE (cm) 3738394142434546
JAPAN (cm) 3738394142434546