Divaurae Women’s Set of 6 Corset Garter Clips and Suspender Clips


Beautiful custom pieces for exceptional and demanding customers. They fit perfectly with the suspenders. Bare design, hand-painted classic look in walnut juice.

The wonder of long socks is that they extend the life of a skirt—cosy thigh highs mean you can keep wearing some of your favourite pieces as the weather gets colder.  But not all garter belts (also called suspender belts) are made the same way, and some just don’t have the staying power to keep a hold on thick socks. The bit that holds on to the stocking is technically called the garter, though we tend to call it a garter clip more often than not.
Garter clips come basically in two types, loop-and-button or suspender.  The loop-and-button garter is the classic type that is traditionally more associated with garter belts.  Suspender clips are called that because they’re the type of clip you see on modern suspenders with little teeth to get a good grip on whatever they’re biting down on.

Set of 6 garters
Heavy duty metal hardware
Adjustable 7 “- 12” long
3/4 inch wide
Buckle clamp adjusters

Made In USA