Divaurae Silk Jarretel Straps Iron Clips I-Shape

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Divaurae Hand Made silk covered vintage garter straps. Steel suspender clips on the end.
Luxury, silk back 20mm (4/5inch) wide elastic and 20mm clips.
Adjustable from approx. 8cm-13cm (approx. 3-5inch)
Sold Individually-adjust quantity at checkout.

Available in Black, Red, Pink, White, Ivory
These garter straps are perfect for pairing with true vintage lingerie

Divaurae silk-covered stocking straps can also be ordered individually.For sew-on corsets, retro panties, petticoats, classic-style panties if you don’t want to wear suspenders.

On average, suspender clips can hold more and better than traditional garter clips. They clamp down fiercely on even the thickest socks.  That’s why our Suspender Clip Industrial Garter Belt has them and why we offer sock garters with that style of garter clip.  They’re all-purpose garters and the best to start with if you have never had them before. They hold everything! Though they have little teeth, they still do well with thinner styles of stockings.

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Silk covered can be ordered separately Vintage Suspender Clip Industrial Garter Belt.