Silk Gusset: The Hallmark of a Divaurae Panty

Silk Gussets
Silk Gussets
Silk Gussets

When you think of luxury lingerie, what comes to mind? Creative designs? Beautiful fabrics? Finer details you don’t necessarily notice until you’ve studied the garment up close? For me, true luxury lingerie should have all those things, but there’s one detail in particular that’s non-negotiable and that’s what I wanted to talk about in today’s story.

Even before I became a designer, I was always a fan of beautiful lingerie. I often found myself drawn to the elegant collections of brands such as Felina, Triumph, Aubade, Lise Charmel, LeJaby and Vanity Fair, admiring the way they harmoniously combined conservative lines with seductive elements. I’d painstakingly save up what I could of my salary to buy as many of these exquisite pieces as I could.

When I got them home however… out would come the scissors! Because there was one thing they always lacked, as opulent as they might otherwise be: a luxurious silk gusset.

Gussets are the little lining layer of fabric in the crotch of a panty (or bodysuit), added for practical considerations. For example, to line synthetic polyester with breathable cotton for better hygiene. However, I believe that just because something exists to serve a function, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be luxurious. And so I’d replace all of the standard gussets in these lingerie sets with silk satin, which is a natural, breathable fiber just like cotton, but with an entirely different texture.

That was how my sewing journey began. From there, I went on to explore other fabrics, research patterns and start sewing entire garments from scratch (always with a silk gusset, of course!). I began designing lingerie that mixed the elegance of those brands I loved with a sexier, naughtier twist. And while initially I was just sewing for myself, this passion for creating lingerie eventually blossomed into the Divaurae brand.

Today, almost all Divaurae panties are made with a real silk gusset as standard. Why is including this detail so important to me, especially when it’s not even visible? It’s because luxury, true luxury, isn’t just about the aesthetic but also about how the clothing feels on your body. Silk satin feels simply incredible against the skin, so what better to line these most intimate of garments with? When you wear panties with a silk gusset, you’ll find that they feel both sensual and exceptionally comfortable – exactly what real luxury-quality lingerie should be.

Since I create Divaurae lingerie to order, I’m also able to customize the gusset for each customer. Do you want the classic black and white Silk Polka Dot Panty, but with a gusset of contrasting pink silk hidden away inside? I’ll make it for you! And while yes, I’m a strong advocate for a silk gusset, I will also happily make your panty gusset-free if that’s what you prefer – for example, some customers pick the Nylon Sheer Retro Panty with no gusset to enhance its transparent effect – or even remove that area entirely to create a provocative open-crotch version.

At Divaurae, your lingerie is always tailored to you; I mastered creating my dream lingerie for myself, and now I want to do the same for others. After you’ve ordered, I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to discuss the gusset style and other details with you directly. So be sure to keep an eye on your inbox!