The Art Of Getting Undressed

There is a well defined etiquette to wearing lingerie, which is the embodiment of absolute elegance. We have to remember, that these types of collections go with certain outfits, and that the ceremony of dressing and undressing is a vital part of this type of lifestyle.

Luxury lingerie pieces were not meant for quick dressing. This is the essence of luxury wear itself. Our most precious commodity is time, and as such, it requires a luxurious attitude about life, to take the time to appreciate the act of dressing, in all its fine detail. Refined ladies and gentlemen in eras gone by knew what it meant to dress, undress, and live their lives in a way, as to give meaning to each moment. Successful people tend to assign a certain amount of time for each task.

Everybody rushes around and as such, missing out on vital moments of the present. But the ones who make time for refinement will realize an overall quality improvement in their lives.This fast paced world affects every generation, it is unfortunately nothing new. As our lives are filled with non-stop tasks and chores, multitasking has become the norm. We surround ourselves with smart gadgets to make our lives easier, but in reality all that ends up happening is that we get lost in their world. We miss out moments on peaceful lounging in bed after awaking from sweet dreams, having breakfast in bed, waking kisses from our lovers, the soft rustling of silk nightgowns under the sheets. But you do have a choice to create the mood of your lifestyle, to paint the palette of your existence any way you wish. You have a choice to be the queen that you really are deep inside, by leading your life with the object of creating beauty and beautiful moments all around you.

The first step is the most important: selecting those gorgeous lingerie pieces that you will put on after your bubble bath. Asking your lover’s opinion, watching his reactions, are all part of the seductive world of a pampered woman. The way you feel when you are wearing fine lingerie affects your entire demeanor. As it caresses your skin, you are reminded of your sensuality, and it will reflect on your face, your entire being.

The power of lingerie is more than skin deep, and Divaurae is not just a part, but the result of your success. The current world of fashion offers a compromise to us, by creating elegance through what we wear, but not by how we dress. And the difference is more important than we think. Anybody can wear anything, but dressing takes time and appreciation for the fineries that enrich our lives.

Modell: Judit Marjai official photographer of Divaurae

Dressing and undressing are artful ceremonies that elevate us to higher standards which, in turn will reflect in other parts of our being. A rich silk and lace undergarment should not be yanked off fast, in secret, as if there was shame in being seen in your underwear. We would like to help you becoming so comfortable in your skin, that you will no longer feel self conscious if your lover watches you as you get dressed in the morning. You will not feel the need to dress in the bathroom behind a locked door. You will not feel like you look like an acrobat trying to put your garter belt on.

In our following blogs, we will explore the proper ways of lingerie dressing, how to dress in front of your partner, how to put on garter belts, how to pull of your panties, what kind of bra to choose, what type of clothes to wear over certain types of lingerie, and the solution to technical difficulties of wearing certain items. Our goal is to teach you the art of effortless elegance, the seduction of the act of dressing without self consciousness, and to breathe life into the Queen inside you.