Wearing the perfect underwear can change the way you feel about yourself!

Women know that the right undergarments can have great effect on the way you wear the rest of your clothing. Men have been utterly neglected in this area, and most of the briefs that can be found are only functional, lacking any sort of luxury or refinement.

But who says men can’t wear silk, who says men can’t be spoiled by the caress of fine garments as women can? Take note of the refined style of men from the 1800’s, when men didn’t have the same silly judgement of silk as they do now. The invention of the boxer shorts brought casual to a whole new low, but the truth is, men deserve better. If women can feel like queens wearing gorgeous undergarments, why shouldn’t the men be able to feel like kings?

A lot of heterosexual men have notions that wearing finer materials will make them less masculine. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. A man secure in his sexuality can only be more masculine by owning his decisions, and there is nothing sexier than a man who is not afraid of being judged, who goes after what he really wants, and wears whatever he wants in complete confidence.

Our newest collection Savage from the Divaurae Mensoul series brings you the comfort and refinement of women’s lingerie, tailored to men’s anatomy. The vast majority of underwear makers do not make feminized undergarments for men, and do not offer the same quality as women’s underwear. That is how Divaurae is different from the rest of the brands. What you will find in the Mensoul series is luxury, elegance, and total comfort. You will find the fit to be perfect, light, with full support, just the way you need it.

Divauare Savage