Silk and Lace Garter Belt


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Divaurae Layla Sensualité Silk and Lace Suspender Belt 4 up to 8 strap Garter Belt

This elegant high-waisted design accentuates the waist, and gives you a waspie look. There is no boning, which makes it feel extremely comfortable. The garter belt smooths the tummy and creates beautiful curves. It softly hugs your hips and gives your waistline a marvelous arch.

It is a soft one-layered classic lined garter belt, in ecru ivory color, is an essential piece of Tara Wind Incognito Collection.

The triangle arch at the bottom points downward, leading the eye to your tiny panties in the most seductive way. The silk draws in the light and radiates it it back with a pearly sheen.

The garter belt straps are covered with a ruffled champagne colored satin material. At the back a bigger arch finishes the the bottom, creating a round behind.

Three Divaurae signature bone buttons close the garter at your waist.

Fine crown shaped patterned, unique Italian goffer completes the look.

Made to order, please allow 7-10 days for dispatch.

Custom orders are available, made with your unique measurements.


The Divaurae name is an intellectual product and patent trademark. Every design and collection is under patent protection and protected by law.

The Divaurae is a unique lingerie which is radiation of women’s sensuality, which make the soul’s fineness visible. Soft as breath. Irresistible as torturing love. The flow of silk like a fragrance which mesmerise, caress as hot wind. The first touch’s unforgettable power. We made the Divaurae’s unique lingeries for Divas. All of our products are personalised. Unique as your radiate, your blandishments secret message. Jewel of your body as gem your collection alluring crown.

The biggest challenge in washing is washing our silk-dresses. In this article we write the solution.

First of all we need to observe with some base law about silk washing:

–        Clothes wich made by silk are not allowed to wash in washing machine. Cleaning with only hands, no twisting just pushing hand moves.
–        Not too hot, wash in 40-50 °C degrees water, after that rinse the clothes with cold water
–        Do not use detergent which contain soda or chlorine.

Those materials which maded from pure silk, you can wash with boiled potato filtered cooking juice.

It’s also work with dry beans cooking juice.
The white silk materials also can be washed by hydrogen-peroxide, if you are not sure bring it to dry-cleaning.

At every silkworm dress washing, need to use 30 °C degree hand-warm water, in no wise to use warmer.

Only use detergent which recommended for fine textiles. Detergent which recommended to wool is good for silk too. Not allowed and don’t need to rinse. Silk is a natural material, the washing doesn’t take anything from silks beauty.

It doesn’t stretch, pilling and it doesn’t lose color.

The silk needs to be washed by hands only, except if you have silk washing program on your washing machine.

Don’t centrifuge these materials, gently push it out and let it dry by dripping.

Only allowed to iron on the lowest scale. Best to iron is a humid silk, in this case will be the most beautiful.

Underwear is exempt from the Consumer Contracts Regulations.

Due to the nature of our products we are unable to accepts returns. Please contact us if you have any questions, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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