Collection Overview

The Haley Glamor Deluxe Collection offers excitement in vintage and retro style.

Nobody can see it, but you know you are wearing it. It makes you feel powerful and stimulates your senses. – Haley

When you wear proper lingerie, you become self aware, you carry yourself with confidence and sensuality. Divaurae offers traditional elegance that is comfortable to wear, and gives a powerful look. Stepping into the world of Divaurae gives you the experience of a time, when lingerie was sewn with love and care and embellished with handmade lace.

Our bespoke custom lingerie and hand made garments, as well as our ready-to-wear pieces are cut in-house and finished locally. The metal clips on the garters are covered with silk and feature a double grip.

The Haley Glamor Deluxe Collection Wears Excitement in Vintage and Retro Style.


Meet Tara your new irresistible boudoir favourite who is no stranger to seduction. Tara is cosmopolitan Goddess, who is not only attractive but has a brilliant mind. She’s a professional card player who travels the world and always plays to win, challenging the pokerface of her opponents. This collection was created for a sophisticated lifestyle, where elegant loungewear is a daily occurrence, and comfort is key. With daring pieces that can be worn as outerwear, this collection is a must have for any woman of indulgence.

Pure comfort. Pure style. Pure silk. The luxurious soft stretch silk lies flat against your skin giving you the smoothest appearance in everything you wear. The pure Italian silk and the French lace trim gives this panty a modern yet beautiful flair. Wear it on its own or with one of our Tara Wind Incognito panty, baby doll top and silk panties.

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Costume D’ange Collection MODERN PIN-UP

Costume D’Ange is a French expression that means Costume of the Angels. The soft flowing silk satin will free up the fine energies within you. This classically fine material is from the end of the golden age of romantic lingerie manufacturing. Back then all fine panties and soft bras were constructed out of this fabric. Nowadays it is difficult to find such fine quality materials.

Costume D’ange Mensoul Series MEN’S ELEGANCE

Divaurae is the first original luxury lingerie manufacture that offers the same collections to both men and women. Our goal is to offer men the self-assurance to prove that machoness and silk can co-exist, and that they deserve to be pampered just as much as women do.We are the first to offer fine lingerie to men.

According to designer Linda Miller, these pieces are for the type of men for whom elegance and quality are of the utmost importance, who want to wear effeminate underwear without the crossdresser vibe. This is a new, radical way of looking at men’s lingerie. Wear these white silk satin and lace men-knickers under elegant suits, and extend your collection with silk tank tops to wear under your shirts.

Autumn Rose Revolution DREAMWEAR BOUDOIR

The Autumn Rose Revolution Collection Dreamwear Boudoir is a classic, elegant sheer brief-panty style from the 70’s. It gives a soft, yet soft, warm feeling. Each piece of my lingerie is designed and sewed by Linda Miller Owner et designer.


The Estelle Constellation is suitable to wear at home, or you might slip on a light cover up and hit the beach.

Estelle’s look is from the world of burlesque, pinups and boudoir wear. In this collection the harmony is perfect between the pieces which can be mixed and matched to your desire.

This collection brings out Divaurae Custom Lingerie Manufacture’s recognisable signature style accents. It is up to you wether you see lingerie or swimwear in the functionality of the item. The Estelle is a new revolution in the world of lingerie.

What makes the Estelle collection special is the feeling of wearability as an everyday item, that still gives you an instant effect of elegance. Daring opulence that not only instantly transforms you into your ideal self, but promises excitement and romance.