Elle – Our newest model.

The collection will be erotically charged and luxurious in every sense of the word. It will be a full silk lingerie and outerwear line that will include blouses, pencil skirts, and a line of silk lingerie of course including the quintessential garter belts. A collection that comes to life from the kiss of a muse, just like Cinderella.

She has a distinct style and we had instant rapport. As soon as I saw her, a distant vision I previously dreamt of for a collection solidified and evolved further by the inspiration she gave me. It is the kind of sensuous fire that will light up your nights as well, when you’ll wear this collection.

The goal of each of my collections is to bring more out of life. The next one will be called The Kiss From The Muse, and it will be full outerwear with matching lingerie….or the other way around perhaps? All you have to do is step into the light to see.

Of course it will all be made with silk, and the feeling or vintage erotica, mixed with the exciting elegance of old Hollywood. Sensuous glamour that will leave a mark on your most memorable moments.

My darlings, until The Kiss From The Muse is revealed, feel free to keep shopping online in our web-store, as all items will go with the new collection as well. Take advantage of the opportunity to collect as many Divaurae lingerie as you can through our ongoing special promotion that includes special discounts and custom sizing. We continue to look forward to receiving your amazing photos, as you wear the collections.