Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Stockings and How to Wear Them

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As a passionate advocate for garter belts, I wanted to share my own experiences and expertise which I’ve gathered from plenty of reading and practical learning during my photo shoots.

Good to know: “Garter belt” is used more frequently in American English, and “suspender belt” more often in British English.

For every lady, dressing is an art form because the result is a work of art: the geometry of elegance. Pearls and diamonds are the dessert to complete an ensemble of elegant, sensual clothing. Personally, I much prefer to undress and dress with my husband, choosing together which collection to wear and then choosing my outfit accordingly. I like that he knows what I’m wearing, and can have a say in what he wants to see on me.

So, what’s the starting point? Panties. Will beautiful lace panties, high-waisted silk panties, or something else work best with my outfit that day? From there, it’s easy to decide which style of garter belt is required. Things I consider include how it adapts to the panties, how much of it can be seen, and whether the panties should go above or below the garter belt.

Many of you have asked what the situation is when wearing panties over a garter belt – is this considered elegant? Or should you follow traditional rules which dictate that panties go on first and then the garter belt over the top? Both are great choices, because there are panties that you just can’t wear over a garter belt, either because the fabrics mean they keep slipping down or because the placement of the straps distracts from the harmony of the look.

I know, it’s easier to take off your panties in the bathroom if they’re on top. But I have a tip for you: when wearing them under, simply pull your skirt up so that it doesn’t wrinkle and then all you have to do is unclip the back straps of the garter belt to comfortably pull the panties down enough. Yes, the front of the panty will be stopped by the front straps, but a good panty will have enough flexibility in the fabric that it doesn’t matter.

Once you’re done, pull the panties back up, adjust the crotch, smooth everything out, and then hold the back of the left stocking up with your leg hand and fasten the clip with your right hand, and vice versa. Don’t be in a hurry, because it’s very easy to tear stockings while doing this; take care with your nails and jewellery too.

I have enough experience with different garter strap clip types that I can recommend crocodile clips as the best choice, because they’re very easy to snap on. Meaning that I can wear stockings regularly and not just save them for the bedroom! If you can hook and unhook your bra while it’s behind your back, you can learn to clip and unclip your stockings this way too.

You’ve also asked what the situation is when you have to sit on a chair during a dinner or at work in the office. How comfortable are the metal clips on the backs of the thighs? Do they press in and cause pain?
You can learn to sit in such a way that the garter straps are properly positioned and don’t press your thighs, but believe me, this slight pressure is very sensual (and almost imperceptible because only the lower edge of the metal buckle gently touches your skin.) If you want a silk ribbon sewn over the clip so that this slight pressure is more comfortable for you, I will happily do that. But regardless, you’ll know how wonderful your Divaurae garter belt is when it’s on your body, holding you in place. It won’t allow your mind to wander – you’ll be acutely aware of those silk straps are stretched over your thighs and waist.

Finally, you need to think about which kind of panties to wear with your stockings: French panties, bikini panties, a thong…? Should they be a different color? Should they be open at the crotch? All of these are especially important considerations if you have someone to get undressed for!

On a pleasant summer day in Paris, Florence, Milan or London, sitting and talking business with my husband in a coffee shop, I like to know that my panties are cute. The same goes when we arrive separately at a photo shoot, or we’re out hunting for delicate, soft, sensual materials at the textile mills. I spot a light, airy, golden muslin material, take a photo and send it to my husband, and we already know what a wonderful collection can be created. It’s true that many of these are professional situations, but we still feel the emotional charge and significance of a wonderful, translucent pink polkadot textile.

That’s why I recommend that this be a serious topic of conversation between you. Choosing the right panties, the right garter belt, the right stockings… it’s a seriously sensual subject matter for lovers of underwear, lovers of life, and simply for lovers!

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