Fine Lingerie for Men: Let’s Say Goodbye to Boring Boxers!

underwear and loungewear for men
Silk Men's Robe, Fine Lingerie for Men
Silk Fullback Brief, Fine Lingerie for Men

“Why the hell would I wear women’s underwear? I’m a man!”

I imagine this is the reaction that many of you would have if I suggested that you try on a pair of silk or lace panties for the first time. But listen up, because there are actually a number of reasons to reconsider, and there’s the fact that just because it’s in a fancy fabric, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically a women’s garment. I urge you to consider this article an entertaining read if nothing else… and who knows, perhaps it will lead to an amazing experiment.

First up, let’s talk comfort. Luxury women’s lingerie is soft, silky, and lightweight – not as ‘heavy’ as a boxer short. It’s also available in a variety of shapes and colors, allowing for total freedom of self-expression. The men’s underwear department on the other hand is a sea of function-focused cotton in the same banal colors, with maybe a novelty printthrown in. Comfy? Sure (though nowhere near as pleasant to wear as silk). But stylish? Sophisticated? It falls far short in this respect!

Remember, also, that this male aversion to wearing luxury fabrics is fairly new in our society. The kings and noblemen of old decked themselves out in the very finest silks and laces, because they appreciated the superior quality of these things. See, the thing about silk is, it doesn’t feel any less incredible against your skin just because you’re a man. If you buy yourself the most elegant suits, drink the finest whiskies, and dine out at first-class establishments, why wouldn’t you dress yourself in truly luxurious underwear or loungewear too?

It’s also about confidence. Some may think that wearing traditionally feminine underwear styles is depressing or shameful, but I’ve learned from trusted men that it can actually make you feel sexy and self-assured. Think about it for a moment. If you wear something that is typically associated with women, you automatically break social norms and it shows that you are secure in your own sexuality – and what’s more appealing than a man who’s not afraid of being judged, who goes after what he really wants and wears it in complete confidence?

Oh, and if you’re in a relationship, surprising your partner with a pair of sexy panties can definitely spice things up in the bedroom. Playful, fun, safe rule-breaking at its best.

I guess the question at the heart of the matter is, does wearing something that makes you feel good really make you less of a man? Of course not! Men, women and underwear companiesare all realizing it. Slowly, things are changing. More mainstream brands are launching men’s underwear styles in lace fabrics than ever before. As a lingerie designer, I can also say based on my experience over the past decades that more and more men are choosing elegance over unremarkable and run-of-the-mill underwear.

At Divaurae, one of our goals is to prove that masculinity and silk can co-exist, and show men that they deserve to be pampered too. Since 2006, my Mensoul collection has provided fine lingerie for men such as silk tanks and briefs, which bring together the best of men’s and women’s underwear into something radical and new. I call it “fine lingerie for men”.

And for men who really want to embrace classic femininity, know that I am also able to make any of the Divaurae women’s collection to your unique measurements and with other customizations (such as wider gussets) that will deliver the same look but tailored to better fit a masculine figure. No more feeling exposed while shopping in your local women’s underwear department, or struggling to find pieces that actually fit your body and provide the same support as men’s underwear does.

Whatever your gender, my bespoke service can make your holy grail underwear a reality. We discuss, privately, exactly what you want and how it needs to fit. Some men simply buy Divaurae for their partner, some are their own diva, and some women order two of everything adapted for different body types to wear as a couple. Whatever you’re after, just get in touch and let’s start dreaming up a one-of-a-kind creationtogether!