Tips and tricks on how to wear a garter belt?

Go with a wide belt for comfort and smoother lines. If you plan to wear your garter belt underneath your everyday clothing, choose a wide belt style. These create smoother lines around the waist and hips and are far less likely to show through your clothes. Wide garter belts are also more comfortable than narrow ones, making them the better choice for daily wear. Divaurae Haley – Lady In Pearls – Signature Limited Edition Silk Classic Wide Garter Belt

Widths vary, but opt for a belt that is at least as wide as your palm. It should sit at the narrow part of your waist, not on your hips.
Narrow belts tend to slip down the hips, forcing you to pull at them all day.

Comfort matters a lot less when you’re behind closed doors, and besides – you won’t be wearing that garter belt for long! If you’re shopping for something cute and slinky to wear in the bedroom, go with a narrow belt that fits around your hips.
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Choose one with hook-eye closures in the back for adjustability. This is a good idea no matter where you plan to wear your belt. Look for one that has hook-eye closures in the back, just like those on the backs of bras. For the most custom fit, choose a belt that offers three (or more) rows of hook-eye closures so you can adjust as needed.

Hoose the four-strap style to wear in the bedroom. Four garters (two in front and two in back) are all you need if comfort and practicality aren’t your goals. These styles look great They are also easier to get off, which makes them a good choice for the bedroom.

For daily wear, you need six garters minimum to truly hold up your stockings and keep everything in place – two in front, two in back, and two along your thighs. Some people prefer the extra security of eight straps, but this is mostly a matter of personal preference. Try both styles on and see which feels better for you.

Garter belts are traditionally worn with panties, and oftentimes will be sold with a matching pair. The panties should not come up higher than the belt on your waist or be visible at all above the belt. If you want, you can skip the panties altogether – it’s up to you

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