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Couture manufacturing, original designs, collections designed for specific women.

Small production of silk and lace lingerie, fabric cut by hand, and sewn on traditional sewing machines. All designs are produced with techinques that were used in the era. Besides standard sizes, custom size ordering is available. You can get in touch with the Divaurae team to get assistance with your lingerie needs.

Linda Miller’s designs are artistically elegant, full of rich detail, signature elements, and made with fabrics of the highest quality exclusively. All silk materials are procured from leading fashion houses in Italy, as are the laces from the finest manufacturers in France.

Divaurae is the first original luxury lingerie manufacture that offers the same collections to both men and women. Our goal is to offer men the self-assurance to prove that machoness and silk can co-exist, and that they deserve to be pampered just as much as women do.

All Divaurae lingerie is made with the highest quality silks imported from Italy.

Judit Marjai

Photo shoot in planning stages. All photography is by photographer and artist Judit Marjai.

Linda Miller

Linda Miller Chief Lady Designer And Owner

The moods of the different collections were mainly influenced by the personalities and lifestyles of the models who became the faces of Divaurae. They each introduce the collection that was designed especially for them. This is how the Linda Miller Superior Collection was born, which is a collection aimed at alpha females. The Chief Lady collection features fetish oriented satin and silk blouses, garter belts, bullet bras, and basque panties. The panties’ elastic bands are treated with walnut based dye that is ideal for sensitive skin.

Divaurae’s sophistication and elegance comes from its extensive fine detailing. Divaurae Custom Lingerie blurs the line between what is traditionally considered underwear and outerwear. The collections feaure highly versatile lingerie items that can be styled as outerwear.

All of Linda’s designs are created in the quality and mentality of couture, with historically accurate designs that are manufactured with authentic techniques.

Traveling lingerie case created based on the design of the Hungarian Countess Lili Désy’s traveling cases.

This boudoire accessory is made with French brochade silk and features multiple pockets inside.

Divaurae Lingerie offers a range of lingerie accessories to finish your outfit, including silk scarves, veils and scarves, masks for all occasions.

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Made to order

Custom orders are available, made with your unique measurements. We provide fast and worldwide delivery service. Please allow 7-10 days for dispatch.

Bespoke options: Your ultimate collection is enhanced with unique Divaurae jewelled accessories such as seashell buttons on bras and garters instead of metal closures, hand folded roses on bras, garters, and knickers, and lace appliqué on the silk and satin collections. Divaurae Custom Lingerie is for those who appreciate the ultimate in quality and style.

To ensure the highest quality product, every item is manufactured by hand, in an authentic atelier and is made with the finest fabrics available in Europe. All textiles are sourced from France and Italy exclusively.