The message and story of Divaurae Custom Lingerie Manufactory’s Elle – Kiss From The Muse – Seven Black Roses

The rose is the emblem of the Divaurae collections which represents the mystery and the quality of our products. It is a symbol delicate and beloved, elegant and wild.

The Haley Lady In Pearls satin and silk roses are made according to the color of the collection.

The Autumn Rose Revolution Dream wear collection was inspired by the color of peonies as their soft pink petals glisten in the morning mist. This flower is also an important part of Hungarian history. During the revolution it was flowering upon the ruins of the monarchy. In Budapest, Prague, Zagreb and Vienna, soldiers would pin them to their caps.

Linda is great lover of roses herself, and keeps a rose garden on her estate.The hand folded rose which matches the color of the lingerie is the trademark of many of her collections. The roses on Elle’s Seven Black Roses Collection are made exclusively from jet black silk imported from Milan, and were individually hand folded and secured onto the garment.

The Elle – Seven Black Roses Collection is a must have for any boudoir. Our goal was not to keep up with the trends, which come and go with the seasons. We are offering eternal elegance, because style, unlike fashion stays forever. Our collections will be something you will be able wear for many years to come. Because once you have found the perfect style and fit, you can be assured that you will always be able to purchase it from us. Your favourite style will never be discontinued by us. The story behind the Seven Black Roses Collection is less revolutionary but rather mystical.

The rarest rose in the world is the Halfeti rose that got its name from the place it originates from. It seems to be completely black, however, it is actually a very deep burgundy color. Only the groundwater of the Euphrates River seems to suit it. When it blooms in the spring it is deep red, and turns to nearly black by the summertime.

Divaurae’s Seven Black Roses Collection embodies excitement and passion. It is offered in three color combinations: lilac, peach, and ivory. The items of the collection each has 3 roses on it, while the hand made mini thong has one.

The number 7 is traditionally known to be a number of superstition. It is a highly spiritual number that has significance in almost every major religion. There are seven deadly sins, in the Bible God created the Earth in six days and rested on the seventh. It is associated with luck and magical properties. For example, various parts of the world have beliefs about the seventh son of a seventh son having magical abilities, and every country has its own beliefs about its significance.

There are seven heavens, we celebrate for 7 days and 7 nights, there are 7 days of the week, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 notes, and we could go on an on.

Elle was the inspiration for these two collections. Elle is cool with a brilliant cheerful disposition. She is an exciting personality with long wavy red hair, and amazing subtle British elegance.

Her enticing smile is both passionate and childlike. Her clear sparkling eyes reminded us of the glimmers of a mountain stream in the morning sun. Her aura seems to evoke both the sunrise and the sunset. Her gaze is captivating and true. I have never seen her as delighted as she was during our photoshoot.

The location of the photoshoot was selected by Elle. It turned out to be a sophisticated modern version of vintage elegance. Parting from popular trends, this collection was inspired by the essence of a real woman, and we named the first one: Elle – Kiss From The Muse – Seven Black Roses Collection and the second, already revealed old Hollywood style: Elle – Kiss from The Muse – Cinderella.

Due to the amazing chemistry between the photographer Jeremy, and Elle, her mood was elevated and she was able to bring her perfect form during the photoshoot. Jeremy’s professionalism was superb from preparation to delivery. It was the most difficult contact sheet to choose from, as nearly all of his shots turned out to be masterpieces. The results are refined and they deliver the message of Divaurae just as we hoped. Thank you.

Linda Miller



SIZE0 2 4 68 10 12 1416
BUST32 3334 3536 3738 3940
WAIST24 1/2 251/226 1/2 271/228 1/2 291/230 1/2 311/232 1/2
HIPS35 3637 3839 4041 4243


UNITED KINGDOM81012 1414 - 16161820
FRANCE363840 4244464848

CLASSIC (inch)

SIZE0 2 4 68 10 12 1416 18 20
BACK LENGTH27 27 1/427  1/2 27 3/428 28 1/428 1/2 28 3/42929 1/4291/2
BUST38 3940 4142 4344 1/2 4647 1/249 1/2511/2
SWEEP39 4041 4243 4445 1/2 4748 1/250 1/2521/2


NECK13 - 131/214 - 141/215 -15 1/216 -16 1/217 -17 1/218 -18 1/2
CHEST32 - 3434 - 3638 - 4042 - 4446 - 4850 - 52
WAIST28 - 3030 - 3234 - 3638 - 4042 - 4446 - 48


(Neck Measurements) 
USA (inch) 141/21515 1/21616 1/217171/218
EUROPE (cm) 3738394142434546
JAPAN (cm) 3738394142434546

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