Why silk is better than polyester satin? The unparalleled luxury of silk.

As a lingerie designer, I take great care when selecting the fabrics for my collections. And when it comes to satin, that means choosing the finest silk from Italy which deliver on both comfort and beauty.

Silk is a luxury fabric which a price tag to match, and if you have yet to try it, you may be wondering if it’s worth the cost. So here’s why you’ll love wearing silk lingerie (and why polyester satin just doesn’t compare)

Why silk is better than polyester satin

Delightful softness against your skin

Silk and polyester satins can look similar online, but when you touch them, the difference is unmistakeable – silk satin is much softer and smoother to the touch.

Synthetic satins can feel a little stiff, but real silk will simply flow across your curves like water!

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Silk allows your skin to breathe

Lingerie is the garment you wear closest to your body, and against your most intimate areas. That means hygiene matters.

A natural fibre, silk will allow your skin to breathe and help to regulate your temperature.Polyester on the other hand, a plastic, can get sweaty!

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Why silk is better than polyester satin
Why silk is better than polyester satin

Silk has lustre, not shine.

When woven into glossy satin, silk has a subtler sheen than polyester – it’s the more elegant, more expensive-looking choice.

Polyester satin reflects light with a flat and lifeless shine, whereas the prism-like structure of silk fibres refracts it into a beautiful array of shimmering colours.

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