Elevate Your Valentine’s Day with Divaurae Lingerie

Adrienne Shine Panties
Polka Dot Garter Belt

Celebrate love this February with our sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie bouquet collection. Just like a bouquet of the freshest flowers, it’s filled with beauty, delicacy, and a sense of romance – but it’s a treat that will last much longer!

And we say that not just because your lingerie will still be around long after your flowers have wilted and died. But also because it’s something you can enjoy wearing for the rest of the year and beyond, not just for this one special occasion.

While lingerie has long been a popular Valentine’s gift idea, for the other 364 days of the year, many people regard underwear as something purely utilitarian. An essential, basic part of dressing that gets grabbed from the drawer and put on without a second thought. Or perhaps a thought given only to comfort, but not aesthetics since “who’s going to see it anyway?”.

It’s true that underwear is, generally, a daily requirement. But here at Divaurae, we believe that if you have to wear something, why choose anything less than the very best version of it? For one thing, if you’re in a relationship, your daily lingerie choices will be visible to a certain someone!

But whether you’re loved up or not, adorning yourself with something divine – even if you’re the only one who knows about it – is undoubtedly going to make you feel different inside. You’ll feel sensual, sexier and more confident, and those are things that do show in everything from the way you smile to the way you carry yourself. And yes, exquisite lingerie can absolutely be comfortable too. Potentially even more so than regular underwear when you get into the realms of soft French laces and real silk gussets

Of course, which lingerie counts as ‘sexy’ (or romantic, or erotic) is different for everyone. That’s why we offer a variety of styles ranging from sweetly-innocent white lace with frills through to the vampy vibe of a sheer black nylon pencil skirt or panty.

If what says “Valentine’s Day” to you is luxurious Milanese silk, look no further than our Haley, Rachel, Mara and Céline Amour collections. If it’s the sensuality of sheer nylon, we recommend checking out the elegant Roxanne and Adrienne collections (the latter of which, by the way, now includes a new-in bralette and panty made from sheer pearlescent fabric!).

And don’t forget, you can also mix-and-match to create your own idea of the perfect lingerie set. Maybe you’ll choose to pair the sugary-sweet pink silk Mara swing dress with Roxanne’s black silk French knicker below for an unexpected switch from romantic to raunchy. Or maybe you’ll wear Adrienne’s strappy and revealing garter belt set under a robe that wraps you up from head to toe in divine silk satin. The best Valentine’s Day lingerie is whatever makes you feel like a true diva.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the man in your life. Men should be making an effort too and so for him, the Mensoul collection provides a selection of high-end, sophisticated underwear and loungewear designs that will ensure the indulgent Valentine’s mood extends to both of you. Perfect for making intimate moments that much more shared and mutually pleasing. 

As we’ve mentioned, at Divaurae, we believe in wearing beautiful underwear every day.  That said, if you’ve been on the fence about treating yourself or your lover to fancy lingerie, there’s no better excuse than Valentine’s Day to finally make it happen! This is officially the best time to take the plunge and grab that thong, that sheer bodysuit, that sexy set, or whatever else it is that you’ve been daydreaming about.  

Whether you’re pampering your partner or yourself, Divaurae Custom Lingerie has plenty of sweet, heart-pounding beauties to tease and torment this February 14th. Pour yourself a glass of champagne, take a leisurely look through our recommended Valentine’s Day collections, and let the romance and excitement begin!